We create financial models, implement management accounting and build your business growth forecast.
Financial Models
We create financial models from scratch or elaborate the existing ones.
Investors in Russia rely on our approach and recommend us to the projects they consider to work with.
Whether it is a hypothesis testing or complex multivariative calculations — we are able to provide transparent, logical and user-friendly financial model.
Management Accounting
We help you to implement management accounting in your project.
Starting from chaos restructurisation and processes simplification till the moment you and your team feel comfortable and understands what is the project financial forecast and which strategy allows to reach its goals.
We are here to help you with any financial planning related issues.
We help projects with financial specialists appraisals, preparations to demo-day pitches or to meeting with investors. Projects involve us to conduct business processes audit for your project or even couch owners to enhance their understanding of the business finances.
Share your concerns and we will figure out how to help you
Just type your contacts and brief description of the issue.
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Here we are
Working with us means getting access to the deep finance knowledge and understanding and diverse experience related to projects from different industries.
We couch startup owners at one of the leading Russian business schools and work with many other businesses.
Our developers are working on tools for financial and management accounting. All the insights we get during the process we also implement in the projects we work with.
Commercial mindset
With the solid background in various businesses we understand how crucial it is to keep in mind the specific of a project. Industry, business scale, life circle and other factors may affect the result and we know how to work with it. Every project brings us new knowledge we further consider while working with customers.
Structure and simplicity
Finance seems to be difficult. However during the work we provide you with the clear and logical structure and undertstanding so that you wouldn't need to study and digest gigabytes of information by yourself.